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It's True! Clean panels are more efficient.

Solar Panel Wash is proud to support your clean and renewable energy investment.

Maintaining your solar panels clean allows you to harness the power of the sun.

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I just had Gonzalo clean our panels. He did an excellent job. On time, and sent before and after pics.
Jill in Martinez

Solar Panel Cleaning Q&A

Do solar panels need to be cleaned?

Yes. Solar panels need to cleaned at least every 6 months.

Will a good rain clean my panels?

No. After rainwater evaporates, grime accumulates and forms a film of dirt. Which, in turn, reduces the light getting into the solar panels.

Do solar panels lose efficiency when they are dirty?

Yes. Over time, dirt, dust, polen or any settling debri reduces your solar panel's efficiency output by 25%.

When is the best time to clean my solar panels?

Spring is the best time to clean your solar panels, leading up to June's Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year!

Should I skip cleaning them in the fall or winter months?

No. Cleaning your panels during the fall is just as important. Cleaning off the accumulated filth that settles during the summer months allows the optimal conditions to absorb what little sunlight is available, leading up to winter solstice. The shortest day of the year.

How does "Return on Investment" play into this?

Your solar panel system is designed to offset your electric consumption. Consequently, neglecting your solar panels routine cleaning can interfere with your "Return on Investment" time frame.


The Process

    We start the cleaning process by connecting your tap water directly to our deionizer tank. Deionization (DI) is the process of removing dissolved impurities, such as iron and calcium from water. 

    After the water is filtered, the water is plumbed to our drought friendly rotating extension brush, the P.V. Cyclone.   

    The P.V. Cyclone 2,000 is a soft bristles “no-scratch” double rotating brush and are used to clean the surface of the solar panels. The rotation of the brushes does all the work and the extension bars allows us to reach any arrangements. 



Ready to start your own business?


The solar industry is on a trajectory toward sustainability and widespread adoption. As we move into the future of solar energy, the key to harnessing the sun's energy is through maintenance. To learn more, reach out to our business consultation team.



Solar Panel Cleaning- $160 Up to 24 panels*

$7 each additional panel

*Listed price are for single and two story residential homes.
Solar panel arrangement, roof pitch, roof height, and construction material may require additional safety equipment and incur additional cost.

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Solar Shingle Tiles

starting from 40¢/ sqft.

Pigeon Proofing

Solar panel pigeon proofing, is a combination of mesh and clips and designed to prevent birds and pest from nesting under solar arrays. Prevent nesting and protects your equipment from damage.


Removal of pigeon defecation from roof top, roof ridges and underneath solar panels

Install pigeon proofing wire mesh to the perimeter of the exposed sides of all solar panels.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters and Down Spout Cleaning. We tend to notice gutter issues when it's raining. Various twigs, leaves, and build-up from asphalt shingle granules blocks the rain water from flowing correctly.


Gutter Guard Installation

If your gutters overflow during periods of heavy rain, they may be clogged or blocked. One of the key benefits of gutter guards is they can stop vermin and insects, such as squirrels, birds, mice, mosquitoes, and spiders from breeding in your gutters.


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